Marina de Rivière Sens

Marina Rivière Sens

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Arrete du 27 avril 2020 portant renforcement des mesures applicables a la navigation de plaisanceArrete du 27 avril 2020 portant renforcement des mesures applicables a la navigation de plaisance (124.52 Ko)


Marina Sens River - South Anchorage

Between sea & mountain

Available all year round, the Marina SUD-ANCRAGE offer an exceptional location for mooring. On the "geat carabean sailing highway", at Rivière-Sens, part of the district of Gourbeyre in GUADELOUPE, this marina is the best place in the south of Basse-Terre. Located  just at the bottom of carabean mountain facing Deldres castle and the soufriere (volcano) this marina which is situated between the sea and the mountain add a hudge chapter of  history to this area.

Because of the geographique location you will be at the best place to admire the geatest sailers of the mythical sailing race the '' route du rhum ''. 

Before continuing your journey to the north islands you have to take the oportunity to spend some time at riviere-sens.

We hope that you will enjoy your stay and come  back and visit us  again.

You will be able to discover our tropical forest ,dense and hospitable,and the reward at the top of the volcano a bath sulphur.

You will find every thing you need  in ''south Basse -Terre '' administration ,helth and mutch more...

The Marina ''riviere sens'' is the open door to the big wide.


 Services of the marina

  • Berth : 340  boats /18m / 54pieds
  • ›Fresh water / electricite
  • Secure access / securite gate
  • WIFI
  • PMR available
  • Black water pump-out
  • Shipchandler
  • Fuel capacity
  • Restaurants, chemist ,bank ,and shops in general .....

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